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October 4th, 2009

I know there are loads of posts on this, but I wanted to share my experience mainly because I was blown away by the ease of the upgrade and more importantly, how much free space it freed up for me.

Now I know these days harddrive space is less of an issue with desktops which are easily upgraded, but my notebook only has a 100 gig drive and is pretty full. Not wanting to go the route of a clean install and being a bit fedup with a lukewarm Vista experience I decided the much touted upgrade route was the way to go. So knowing windows would need some space to do the install,l I did some concerted house keeping and managed to free up about 27 gig of space.

This accomplished I closed my eyes and plunged right into the upgrade process. Windows 7 did some thinking and asked me to uninstall some apps which it figured would cause some problems – fortunately they were all HP pre-installed apps which I had never actually used before. Once I had removed this it quitlely got on with its thing – not sure how long it took as after about 2 hours I when to bed.

In the morning it was with some interpretation that I roused my notebook out of sleep mode -fortunately I was greeted with a nice friendly windows 7 desktop. Now the kicker – remember I stated out with 27 gig free after cleaning up as much space as I could (including using windows disk cleanup which deleted all temp files), well after the install I now have 37 gig free! Thats 10 gigs of extra space – what Vista was doing with that drive space makes the mind boggle – it certainly wasnt making it faster thats for sure!

Hope you have as much luck as I did if you decide to take the plunge.