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May 30th, 2010

After coming across these pics on one of the forums I decided it would be a good idea to get a fire extinguisher installed in my Pajero LWB (CK 2000 – 3.2 DID).

There are a number of posts on the 4×4 forums showing some nifty installations, most of the better ones seem to have them installed either on the side or immediately in front of the drivers seat. Whilst this makes obvious sense as it is close at hand, in the Pajero I couldn’t find a nice spot near the seat that wasn’t in the way.

So this is what I came up with –  installing in just inside the rear window.  I simply removed the rear plastic trim and using some large self tappers and some spacers to keep the plastic trim from being squashed, fixed the bracket to the car.  Here is the finished product:

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher - Pajero


May 30th, 2010

Part of the renovations for the house involved creating a entrance from the kitchen through to the scullery. The challenge was that the scullery was a previous extension to the house, so the door frame was through what was originally an external wall (280mm thick).

To compound things we din’t actually want a door through to the scullery as it was nicely hidden away round the corner. As a result we ended up with a rather large imposing opening which frankly looked a bit odd.

So my lovely wife came to rescue with the idea of turning it into a chalk board – come shopping list. I admit I was skeptical at first but once the frame was painted with chalk board paint (water based PVA) it looked stunning. It also is surprisingly practical – when I need to go shopping a simply take a picture with my cell phone and I am good to go.

I have included some pics below to give you an idea of how it looks – the lintel (top part) I use for recording my rainfall figures until I get time to capture them in a spreadsheet.

Chalk board Door Frame

Chalk board Door Frame