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My better half liked the look of a glass splash back which is painted on the back (I admit I did as well till we saw the price – R3500 :- $350). Because I couldn’t help it, I decided to see if I could do it myself – I mean how hard could it be?

Actually it all turned out surprisingly easy and I must say at less than a third of the price, well worth the effort.

I approached the supplier who did my frame-less glass shower and got him to supply me with a sheet of 6mm toughened glass. I then gave one side a light sanding with 1200 grit water paper (just to give a slight key to the paint). Then with thinners I cleaned and then cleaned again the side to be sprayed.

Then it was simply 2 coats Acrylac spray paint and some double-sided ┬átape – here is the result (painted side goes at the back):

Glass Splash Back

Glass Splash Back (bamboo sides)

Glass Splash Back

Glass Splash Back - (Top doors still to come)



  1. Liz Sanders says:

    We have tiles above a gas stove can we put the glass on top of the tiles.

  2. Tim says:

    Cant see what the issue would be ?

  3. Louis says:

    How did you fix it to the wall?

  4. Tim says:

    I used double sided table and mirror silicone since it rests mostly on the counter

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