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Here is a link to an article written by Dad (Dave Jones) about our pool for the Knysna-Plett Herald, which is one of the local newspapers where they live.

Obvious bias aside, its always fun to see something you have been involved in appear in the paper.

Here is the link:

Original Article



  1. Jürgen Raberg says:

    Hello Tim
    We want to make in Knysna a natural swimmingpool. 9×4
    Can you make us an offer? we want a rimpool with overflow.
    We can send you fotos and a drawing

    thanks Jürgen

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Jurgen

    I am flattered at the request – unfortunately building pools is not what I do professionally. I would be more than happy to give comment on any drawings / idea’s you have though.

    I have also consulted in Knysna though in my structural engineering capacity mainly @ Pezula, so maybe could assist in some way ? – I by no means consider my self and expert though !! Regards Tim

  3. Rob Godfrey says:

    Hi Tim, I have just completed a home project where I have combined all my gutter outlets underground to a number of JoJo’s (the first one being underground) The first Jo Jo overflow can eithr run into my splash pool or be diverted as required. My splash pool size is only 4×2.5×0.9 deep (first mistake I guess) I used 25Mpa slab and standard concrete brick with Y12’s into the slab every 500mm’s. I wish I had read your article before this but the pool etc is now complete and am looking for “detailed” advice on:
    1) Some more information on how you connected your reed bed piping system as I had also decided that “why not reverse the process”
    2) The reed bed design / population as this is obviously “the heart” of the system, I have just ordered Michael Littlewood’s latest book “A Guide to Building” but this was only shipped 5 Jan and will arrive 5 March and I cannot wait to get on with the job. My Son is in the Artechectual design side (see website) and uses the 3DMax suit of apps and we are looking to include natural pool design and construction here in Durban if there is some interest.
    Please could you assist.

  4. Tim says:

    Hi Rob
    I think there is a growing demand for these pools so I think there is a gap in the market. Regards your questions and don’t think you need to over complicate or even over think the “design” as nature will do its thing – all you need to make sure is that you have a flow or circulation and as much verity as possible. Plants are hard to come by as nurseries in my experience are not good at stocking water plants, we collected from farm dams and fiends who had ponds. Now I am thinning out and passing them on to others. Regards your other questions you welcome to give me a call and I’ll try answer you – my number is on my work site Inconsult Engineers

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