Tim is a Civil Engineer with over 10 years civil and structural design experience. Currently he is the owner of Inconsult Engineers which provides civil and structural consulting services to a variety of Clients. Inconsult Engineers are based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


  1. William says:

    most impresive

  2. Tim says:

    the website or my Resume?

  3. Gert says:

    Just wanted to compliment you on an excellent blog!

    Got to it from google looking for a float switch and ended up reading every article you published!

    Great stuff!!!

  4. gail says:

    Where can I have gabions made?

  5. Tim says:

    Hi Gail – you basically buy them off the shelf pre-made. There are a number of manufacturers but you could start by contacting http://www.maccaferri.co.za and asking them for a local supplier in your area.

    Good luck, Tim

  6. Jean says:

    Hi Tim,
    I reckon its been a while since you’ve built your natural swimming pool. Who is it doing now, water quality, plant life and how much n what maintenance do u do on the pool. My husband is building one very soon.

  7. Tim says:

    Hi Jean

    You are right, it has been a while (4 years) and I keep meaning to do a follow up article – on my todo list promise.

    Short answer – best pool I have ever owned and had to maintain – water quality is great – maintenance minimal. Granted its never going to be perfect and you will have to put up with the occasional algae growth but there is no going back for me!


  8. Clifford says:

    Hi Tim

    Regarding your grey water harvesting system, is it still running strong with the original pump you used? It seems that most people who install such systems use submersible pumps and I was looking for a suitable submersible pump until I looked at you blog. Is your pump at ground level above the sump tank and is the non return valve all that is needed to prevent it from becoming de-primed? Is the pump able to effectively pull water from the sump – up to what depth? Have you looked at alternative submersible pumps since you installed your system and wrote your blog posts? Also and finally I am a bit clueless on pumps. On the pressure vs flow rate issue, I understand that increasing flow lowers the pressure but is this something that is set on the pump or a factor of pipe diameters and lengths? I imagine for a Gardena type sprinkler which is what I want to start with, one requires a flow rate of around 600 l/hour and a pressure of about 3 Bar which is about half the flow rate of your system. Can you please give me some guidance?


  9. Tim says:

    Hi Clifford

    Pump is still running happily – I like the option of keeping it out the water as I think they tend to last longer. The model I have is not self priming so yes there is a non return valve at the bottom, it has alwost no suction capacity un-primed. About once every 6 months it needs a clean as hair tends to build up there and clogs the flow. Regards the pumps they should give a flow curve that gives flow vs head/pressure – ie as flow increases the pressure will drop and the delivery point will move on the curve – ie the pump reacts dynamically due to the demand placed on it – so too much head = no flow. My pump has 2 Gardena type heads and the radius of each is about 1 m but this is enough for me as it keeps the grey water in the bed and not flying around.

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