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August 20th, 2009

After almost four years of ownership I have finally cracked how best to open the boot of my wife’s 2004 Scenic. On the whole it is a nice car but it has its fair share of oddities (French?) – by far the most annoying is getting the boot open. There is a dedicated button on the remote to open the boot but you need to do a combination of presses to get the boot open. Before I discovered the trick, which was by pure accident (no it is not in the manual as far as I can see), it used to be press door open 3 times – then boot open button twice. Now this only worked some of the time, so it had be repeated from scatch if it didn’t.

The solution – press the boot open button on the remote at the same time pressing the boot button on the car – works every time! You can even open the boot without unlocking the car doors.

Now this post might seem ridiculous but I have been battling with this for almost 4 years! #%#$%#%*@#