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July 2nd, 2009 by Tim Leave a reply »

This is my first post, so watch this space. I am currently renovating our main house and I have incorporated some interesting DIY projects which may be of interest to somebody. These include:

  • grey water irrigation system
  • a rainwater capture, storage and irrigation system
  • modifications to our automatic garage door opener to make the main garage lights come on automatically
  • modifications to our alarm system to make all the outside lights come on when the alarm is triggered
  • garage / workshop pit (every house should have one)
  • attic storage space
  • water feature
  • wooden feature walls

I also have on the horizon these projects planned:

  • Swimming pool (includes automatic pool cover)
  • Wooden deck and walkway (main entrance)

I will post what I have completed first – the future projects you will probably have to be very patient for (as my lovely wife is).


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